Viewing upcoming games

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In order to use this feature click 'Upcoming" button on the menu bar. Than, you will see on the left side the table filled with the games according to the selected filter and on the right side and bottom side the control panels for this section. 

By default are presented the games from the current day. In order to change the day or period just select on (2) "Range zone" on the right side.

The main table has too many columns to be seen on screen together. I suggest you to use the button "Hide leagues" in order to hide the league's tree and to expand the main table. If you want to see all the columns you will need horizontal scroll bar though.

The first columns on the main table, visible on the picture are:

In order to see statistics data you want on the main table you must set the parameters. By default the program starts with the parameters you see on the following picture:

Here you have the possibility to select also

Here you have the possibility to select also other periods of time.

The other possibility is to consider all the games played by the home team and all the games played by the away team.

The other possibilities are to consider the half time result or only the goals scored in the second half.

You can select what handicap to be applied to the result. All the values are affected by the handicap applied. For example if you select +1 goal for the away team, all the games won with 1 goal difference by the home team will be considered draw.

Here you have the possibility to select what values to be highlighted, including "between" some values.

The other possibilities are to show only games where the values are highlighted, only home team value is highlighted.....and so on