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This section is available only if there are a championship selected. If you click on "Tables" button and no championship is selected than you will receive an warning message. 

At any moment, no matter what section is active, if you select a new championship and season the Tables section will be activated and brought to front.

Tables section contains 3 main areas.


On the left side (3) you may find the current standings for the championship selected. This table contains information depend on subsection you select on bottom side container (5) - Normal tables, Statistic tables or Group vs group table.  The forth subsection on the bottom side present the current form for all teams. More details here:  Form chart. The fifth subsection will show you the colours legend.        

On the right side (4) you will find all the games for the selected championship if no team is selected or only the games for selected team, if one.

On the bottom side is the control panel for this section. By clicking one of the tabs you may see different types of statistics for selected championship:

 Normal tables

 Statistic tables

 Group vs. group table

 Form chart.