Statistic tables

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Statistic tables subsection allows you to see very complex statistical information, depends on the buttons you select on the bottom side control panel . In order to see this information click on "Statistic tables" tab on the bottom side control panel.

On the left table are presented all teams, number of games played  (calculated based on filters you set) and 2 columns where you will find the values depend on what kind of statistics you would like to see. By default is presented the scored/received goals/game statistic, all games, full time.

The bottom control panel presents 3 areas where you can select various filters.

First you have to select where to search : All games, home or away games, entire game or only first or second half.

Please note that "Total" means will be considered full time results, "1st half" means will be considered only goals scored on the first half and "2nd half" means will be considered only goals scored in the second half.

Than you can apply additional filters.



     own goals

     percent of games when teams scored/received goals


     Shots on target



Please note:

-  for this selections the table refresh is made automatically;

-  shots,shots on target, corners and fouls might not be available for some lower leagues.

     percent of games finished over/under specified number of goals

     percent of games finished with exact score

     percent of games finished with specified goals difference.

     percent of games finished with specified 2 half time/ full time result (1/1 or 1/X, 1/2 or 2/1.......).

Please note:

-   for this selections you have to click on the button in order to refresh the table.


Below picture presents the table considering all the games played by all teams last 5 seasons and finished 1/2 or 2/1.

You can see Leicester 68 games last 5 season, 6 of them (8.82%) ended HT/FT  1/2 or 2/1.  On the right table you can see the games played and finished with these results. 

Next feature is very useful if you want to find teams managed to came from behind.

In the picture below you may see the table with all games played last 2 seasons and one team come from behind 1 goal on 60 minute then won. You can see that Tottenham played 68 games, on 13 of them was behind 1 goal after 60 minutes but finally managed to win 4. That is 30.77% of them. Interesting and useful to know.