Updating database

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After your copy registration, CgmBet System should be able to update the database over the INTERNET.

If you are not registered you will be prompted to send your user code. See Program registration

If your copy is registered and it is up to date you will receive the message "Connection is OK... but nothing new" 


If there are some software or database updates, you will be prompted to download and apply new files.


After new files are downloaded and installed you will receive the confirmation that everything is OK and you will need to close and restart the program. It is advisable to wait 3-5 seconds after restart, before run again the software in order to be sure that all the changes are made on slower computers.


There are some situations when your program is not able to reach the server.


In most cases the problem is temporary and you should try after a while. If the problem persist you should check your firewall and anti virus status. If you are not able to solve the problem please feel free to contact me.