League level

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This feature allows you to see complex statistics at league level.

Click on "Statistics" button on menu bar,than select radio button "Leagues level" on bottom left side.


As a result, the main table will be filled with all leagues and all the columns will be calculated based on results within the range selected with the button "Range", on the bottom side (Last 2 seasons on this case).

The main table presents you all the leagues sorted by default by leagues, top countries first. You can change that by clicking on the top of the columns.

Here you have the possibility to set the minutes interval for this statistics (for example to consider only goals scored between 25-45 minutes) and the goal line - 2.5 goals by default. Please note that changing minute interval may result in slow calculation.

The information you will see on the main table columns are listed bellow:

On the right side are listed all the leagues the program calculate statistics for. You have the possibility to select 1,2...all leagues in order to make comparisons.


In order to select only first 5 leagues (top 5 countries), click "Deselect all leagues" then press "CTRL" and click on the leagues you would like to add in the main table.    

The result is presented bellow.