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15.12.2013    Version 0.7.970.  New interesting features!


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CgmBet System may be used free of charge, but if my software helps you in any way and you wish to express your appreciation for the time and resources I have expended developing it, over the years, I do accept and appreciate donations. (10 EUR sugested)

If you prefer to support this project using Skrill account please contact me for details

20.01.2014    New section.   Complex goals statistics!   Read more on Facebook page!




Concursuri pentru pariori

17.02.2014  CgmBet System is now on full-screen. More information in Tables section!

19.04.2014   CgmBet System for  2014/2015 Season !

CgmBet System is a free software, based on statistical  results from major European football leagues, that will help you to make the best decision.  

I would like to say that my software ensures your success but this software is just a tool, a very powerful tool to be used by skilled workers but it still remains a tool. Success depends on your experience and how to use this tool to get the best football tips.

This is not a prediction software and I do not encourage you to bet in other way than fun. Please be sure you understand how my software works before use it.

If you are still here probably you are an experienced player or at least you understand that betting is not about “feeling, inspiration and good luck”.  It is about hard work.      

Still here? Then for sure this software will help you. Just download and install the latest version, update the database and try it.      

and few of the very complex questions that my program can answer to help experienced players:

1. What are the teams that managed to win the game if are behind 1 goal in 35 min?

2. How dealt a specific team against very big teams (Premier League big 4 for example)?

3. What would have been the profit if you had bet on a certain team this season?

and hundreds more….

Only few of the simple questions that my program can answer:

1. What are the teams with the most won/lost/draw/scored/no scored/over/under games in a row ?

2. What are the teams with the biggest percent of won/lost/draw/scored/no scored/over/under games ?

3. What are the teams with the biggest percent of specific score/goals difference/HT-FT results?

4. What are the best/worst form teams ?