Viewing profit zone

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This powerful feature allows you to check what happened in the past, considering similar games.

Similar games, from the program point of view, means all the games where the teams involved had similar ELO and form coefficients.

Click one game on the main table. If the button "automatically refresh when click on game" is checked then the software will calculate the profit on the similar games played in the past. If the button is not checked this section will remain inactive.

Now, the following information are available:

In order to tell the program what means "similar games" you have to set what parameters and what values will be considered.

You can check (or not check) the ELO values and/or the form coefficients for each team.

Example: in the picture below will be considered all the games "considering only selected league" (in this case - Bundesliga 2) where:

-  the home team respectively away team had the ELO value between (1812-40 = 1772) and (1812+40 = 1852) respectively (1618-40 = 1578) and (1618+40 = 1658).  

- the home team respectively away team had the form coefficients between (11-10 = 1) and (11+10 = 21) respectively (-5-10 = -15 ) and (-5+10 = 5)

If you do not check the button "considering only selected league" then the results will consider all the games on the same conditions no matter the league. The number of games will be bigger but maybe the results will be less consistent.

On the right side will see the number of games found. In this case the program found 9 games in Bundesliga 2 only. Please note that the number for validated games can differ for (1/x/2) and (O/U) depends on the data in the database.

We can see on the picture that home teams won 3 games out of 9 (33.33%) and the possible profit if we had bet on "home win" would have been -50,1%. Much more profitable would have been to bet  "away win" and especially "draw".