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Statistics, systems and strategies for Bets and Bets

CGMBet System is a football software package* based on a very large database of results from major European, American and Asian football leagues. At this moment the software’s database contains 74 leagues from 45 countries.

Unlike other projects that claims that can guarantee your success, my only claim is that my software is simply a powerful football assistance tool that can be utilised to your advantage. A user with experience in football betting will find this software invaluable. However success depends on your experience and how to use this tool to get the best football tips.

Please note CgmBet System is not prediction software. It will not make decisions for you. Please take into account all information available before making your decision.

90% of the software may be used without any limitation, including routine database updates over the INTERNET.



1. Complete statistics about results, fixtures, odds, ELO coefficient, shots, corners, ball possession….etc. Teams ordered based on final goals difference, correct score, half time or full time results.        

2. Head to head comparison. Are you curious to see what would have been your income if you had bet on your favourite team at home, away, over, under…?            

3. Upcoming games. Just think about what statistics you would like to find here and I am almost sure it is already implemented. If not, just ask and I will include new features for you.                 

4. Statistics at league and team level. If you want to see complete comparative statistics between leagues or between teams on the same league this is the place.                  

5. Rating system. This is not a prediction system but here you may find some suggestions based on odds value and test your filters against past seasons results. It is very exciting for sure.                  

6. Upsets. How many games have been played since last big surprise? When will be played the next game  when big surprise may happen?                    

7. Goals. Comprehensive statistics considering goals minute. When is more probable to be scored the first goal in the game? If the score is 1-0 in the 27 minute…what will happen next?                    

8. Export. More than 120000 games, over 10 seasons, tons of information ready to be exported  on EXCEL or CSV files.                     

Key features:

9. Odds update every 5 minutes and odds movements. This feature is available only for VIP user accounts.                   

If you think that my software is not good enough in processing the database or if you need the database for your own projects,  you may download the entire database or only part of it here.       

Spain - Primera


 Archive        Current season   




10. Very powerful statistics based on goals minutes. This feature is available only for VIP user accounts.                   

Database download :

What users say:

“I don't use my Facebook account but logged in to just say a MASSIVE thank you. I bought this software less than 2 weeks ago, and would recommend this program to EVERYONE. It works and helps you to narrow down potential selections, yes, you have to do some research yourself but the workload is far less than betting without CgmBet Software. Thank you so much.” Adrian B., England  

“From a personal point of view I have to say what a wonderful piece of software you have developed, I have spent 2 days on it just looking at the endless possibilities it is capable of, I shall certainly recommend it to everybody I speak to in the future, it's simply amazing”. Chris, England    

“I just wanted to say how fantastic this software is. I have already spend a lot of time using all the features and getting to grips with it all.

I can hands down say this is the most useful tool analyse data, both in the software and exporting to excel.

Fantastic and please keep up the good work.” George, England


“I really admire what you have made here! I have been looking for something like this for ages! As a keen football manager player, I can relate to this software very much! It's great work!”  K.N.,  England.

“The software has been steadily growing in last couple of years, and in my opinion, currently it's the best one out there when it comes to betting stats!”. S. Muntenegro

          “I have a computer science degree and worked as a software engineer for a number of years. You have created an amazing piece of software for football” M.B. , England.

             Read more user opinions here.

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Get your license code

Free version has 90% of the features, daily based INTERNET UPDATE included but if you would like to use the most powerful features you may apply, with only one lifetime payment, for one upgraded license: VIP. Please see here the differences between versions.  

I offer you "30-Days Money-Back Guarantee" to ensure your satisfaction. Please read the terms and conditions.

The software has been developed as a hobby and it is a lot of hard work involved here. I would like if you take a look and use the software but I would like to be honest with you also:

1. If you need a prediction software;

2. If you need a machine to think and choose bets for you;

3. If you need some things to blame for your betting failures;

4. If you think that only terrible bad luck stopped you until now.

then my software may not be for you.

My software is for those that understood that betting is not about “feeling, inspiration and good luck” but it is about knowledge, hard work and keeping everything to be fun.

If you would like just a free basic statistics, based only on current season data:

In any case you will need a license code. It is free and it is easy to obtain.

CGMBet Poisson


Free Poisson calculator!



Make your own rating systems and test them against past results!


Track you bets in order to improve your performance! Under construction!

The software may be used as it is or with one of the following add-ons (click on titles for details):



If you want to have every morning few matches to think about !

Click here to see details about database !


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