New features in the UPCOMING module.

Here I will introduce new major features. Please feel free to add your comments and suggestions to improve
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New features in the UPCOMING module.

Post by cgmbet »

As you probably noticed last week, (sorry for the inconvenience), I changed the way the data is presented in the UPCOMING module.

Until now, you could set the parameters for one home column and one away column, highlight the values ..etc.

Now is possible to set up to 5 home columns and up to 5 away columns, highlight them independently, then create a filter to see only the games you need depending on what columns are highlighted. The new approach allows you to create extremely complex queries.

Please be aware that it is not very easy at first sight, but I am sure you will get used to it quickly, and it will become one of the essential tools in my software.

PLEASE CHECK THE FOLLOWING PICTURE'S INSTRUCTIONS until I create a detailed video tutorial.

Note: I am still working on it so there would be possible errors or unexpected results. Please report them here or using the support system.
If you have ideas to improve this, please feel free to write here.

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Re: New features in the UPCOMING module.

Post by mpicaro »

Hello my friend

It's possible you provide diferent colours in highlight, acording with 5 columns? Column 1 with one colour, column 2 to another, etc...
And the popup menu to selected the highlights games? Will return to software?

About the current situation, the data export is not exporting the league average and only exports the data of the 1st selected filter. If you have more than 1 filter, the export is not done.


2 Filters Selected


Export results


Many thanks in advance.
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Re: New features in the UPCOMING module.

Post by gareth7552 »

When using the upcomimg page now for researching past results (back testing) its taking a lot longer now? Any reasen for this ? is there a work around for this ?
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Re: New features in the UPCOMING module.

Post by lfcascao »

When selecting several columns is it possible to apply the Refresh button to all at once?
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