How To Use "Apply The Next Filter To Current Table"?

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How To Use "Apply The Next Filter To Current Table"?

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Hi, so I'm going through the software and I've set up my Upcoming Fixtures Filters to filter games I wish to trade/bet depending on the settings, I currently have 1 default and 2 others loaded.

I have one set for FHG and is set as follows

Home & Away both checked
Over 0.5 goals both checked
Current Season checked
H vs A or H+A (H=A checked)
- What is the difference between the two above I presume H+A to mean both have achieved required stat but H vs A means?
Highlight HT more than 90% checked
Highlight AT more than 90% checked
Show only if the both teams are highlighted

However can I use the "Apply the next filter to current table" option to show what % of games had goals within certain time frame ie between 20 & 45mins?

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