Very important changes regarding CGMBet support

Important announcements.
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Very important changes regarding CGMBet support

Post by cgmbet »

The number of users is increasing.

This is an excellent thing but on the other hand, the number of messages, support requests, features requests..and many other similar things are increasing as well and really have problems to handle them in a way I handle them now.

Maybe you have already noticed that my answer time is increasing (and sometimes I have just missed your questions)
Many feature request, comments or suggestions are lost because they remain private only, on my email since they might be very interesting for all users. I lost a lot of time discussing the same thing with a few users at the same time..etc

Starting with 1st of March, if you send any kind of messages to my personal email I don-t guarantee an answer before 3 full days.


1. If you want to ask for support or report a bug of any kind related to the software please use the new support system you might find on the CONTACT web page and I will assist you as soon as possible.


2. If you want to discuss new features, to bring a good idea in front of the community, please create an account on this forum. By the way, the secret word to validate the registration is "experienced". I will activate your account as soon as possible
This way we can discuss the good ideas and I promise I will implement them if they are useful for users.

If you want to be a moderator for any section of this forum please send me a message, using the contact form. I need 2-3 moderators for each section.

3. If you want to ask for a new license or ask for a lost license..etc, by sending me your user code, please only use the form on my CONTACT web page.

I know that will not be very easy to not send me direct messages as before but I really hope that you will understand that only this way the system will not be blocked.

Of course, I will not close this thread and I am waiting for your opinions about the changes that will be implemented starting with 1st of March
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Re: Very important changes regarding CGMBet support

Post by Mike »

Sounds perfectly reasonable to me
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Re: Very important changes regarding CGMBet support

Post by gammonroll »

Agreed. We don't expect you to work 24 hours a day. If it's an issue, creating a ticket makes sense.

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