Table expanded to see home/away standings

Here I will introduce new major features. Please feel free to add your comments and suggestions to improve
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Table expanded to see home/away standings

Post by Mihai » Wed Feb 05, 2020 5:55 am

A new very important feature has been added to the TABLES section.

The new button placed under the main table allows expanding/collapsing the main table to see the home and the away tables at the same time.
The big advantage is that now we can see at a glance the positions in the home/away tables for the opponents.

For example, if we click Hoffenheimm (orange) will see they have the next game away against Freiburg and will see the exact position of the Freiburg in the home table and the exact position of the selected team (Hoffenheim) in the away table.

In the general table, we can see on the last 2 columns the results of the selected teams against past opponents (green, yellow, red).
We can see in the total table that Hoffenheim lost away against Frankfurt but the question is "is Frankfurt a good or weak home team?"
Now we can see on the home table that, indeed, Hoffenheim lost in Frankfurt and we can see that Frankfurt had at home much better results than their overall position.


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