Similar ELO & League Position Filter

If you have a suggestion how to improve please let me know. If more users will ask for the feature I will have no choice but to implement it.
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Similar ELO & League Position Filter

Post by mattadams84 » Fri Sep 20, 2019 9:30 pm



Secondly, and this may be in the wrong section but as far as i can tell this feature does not exist.

I would like (in the upcoming games or elsewhere) to be able to filter the stats to show the data of when a team played opposition of a similar standard to the upcoming match.

So for example :

Southampton (1684 ELO) League Pos 16
Bournemouth (1675 ELO) League Pos 15

I would like to see the stats for each team when they played similar teams (with a +- ELO Range)

So when Southampton played teams at home with an ELO of 1675 +- 25 in the last X seasons/matches: give me the stats

To further filter this, it would also be good to show the data corresponding to different times in the season. So for example only show me the data of matches where the opposition had a similar ELO between rounds 1-12 for example.

It would also be good if i could do the same thing but this time with league postions. So show me the data when Southampton played teams who have a similar league position to Bournemouth's current position. Obviously this would be good to do on the HOME/AWAY Table too.

Any thoughts?

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