Features explained - a few new improvements

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Features explained - a few new improvements

Post by Mihai » Fri Aug 09, 2019 7:42 am

For the new season version I added a few imprvements.
More of them are not transparent but will lead to a better speed

The most important thing so far is that I improved a lot the section where can see the games for future and past days. I added the odds stored for those games so it will be possible now to check the games a few days before and to be ready for action.
For example you can see tomorrow games and can see what will be the probabilities for 0 minute but also for 25 minute at 0-1 score.


The same thing for past games where you cam set the minute and will see the score at that minute and probabilities. That way you can compare with what really happened and to learn where are the best results.