New add-on: Advanced Goals Statistics

New add-on that will allow to study a lot of new statistics based on goals minutes.
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Re: New add-on: Advanced Goals Statistics

Post by pro » Sat Dec 15, 2018 7:50 pm

Is there anyway to check what happens when the score at 60th minute is a draw and at the last 30 minutes there is at least one goal ?

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Re: New add-on: Advanced Goals Statistics

Post by Mihai » Sun Jan 13, 2019 11:16 am

Big improvements in Advanced Goals Stats.

I added the possibility to check not only the team but "similar teams". That means that will be considered in calculation not the team "Tottenham" but any team that have had similar ELO coefficient.
This is extremely good because maybe is less important what goals scored Man City 15 years ago then what goals scored teams that have had the relative value similar to today's City value.

Also added the possibility to select as opponent "teams like..." then choose a team from current league. The system will consider only the opponents that have had similar ELO (+/- selected value)

For example, in the picture, see how I set the buttons to see details about today-s game Tottenham-Utd.
In the last 15 years, there were 224 games between teams like Tottenham vs teams like Utd (ELO +/- 50 points)
We can see that home scored first in 115 games, and in the first 15 minutes in 38 games - that means around 17% - pretty good.

Then if click on 38 number will see that Tottenham scored the second goal, in 14 Utd scored the second goal (and probably in 4 cases ended 1-0) Extremely often the second goals arrive in the next minutes after the goal scored in 1-15 minutes!


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