About Rules for CGMBet System strategies

Here you may present your strategy. Comments and suggestions are welcomed.
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About Rules for CGMBet System strategies

Post by cgatzoyas » Mon Oct 01, 2018 1:40 pm

Hello Mihai and respectful members,
I have an objection about the rules. We are here a close team-members and colleagues that we share the same project and enthusiasm about soccer and CGMBet . In general I think that the existing of a forum is to discus several matters opinions, arguments , problems etc.
This rule even I understand it's existence it's against all the others as mentioned above.
The main reason for my objection is, that throw posting a strategy by someone, gives the opportunity to other members to ameliorated it or fix some wrongs or just giving new ideas . So we are talking about teamwork that will be fine for all users.
Just my opinion,
no offence
By Christos

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Re: About Rules for CGMBet System strategies

Post by Mihai » Tue Oct 02, 2018 4:20 am

Maybe it is my wrong English here.

Just wanted 2 things:
1. In order to be a "strategy" but not just "picks" I think we need to know at least few things about how tou get the selections.
2. Just if you want, keep just for you some important aspects of the strategy. I know very sure that not everyone is willing to share absolutely all and this is OK for me. If he want to present absolutelly all is OK again.

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