Question about last uploaded video-Team Form

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Question about last uploaded video-Team Form

Post by cgatzoyas » Mon Oct 01, 2018 1:20 pm

Hello Mihai,
In your last video uploaded from you , you gave us another useful tip about filters etc.
My question is : In Button Form in the video you marked 5 up to 50 for away team.
What is the meaning of number 5 ? Is good , bad? Bigger number better form or smaller number better form?
When a team has form for example 5 to 10 lets say and the opponent 12 to 20 what does that means.
Thank you Mihai in advanced
PS: to be honest I do not understand at all how form works on this software. :?:
By Christos

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Re: Question about last uploaded video-Team Form

Post by Mihai » Wed Oct 03, 2018 6:23 am

The form is calaculated based on the last 5 results. It also takes into consideration the last 5 opponents. So it is not thesame thing to have 0-0 at home against bottom teams or against Juventus...etc.
I did not fix limits but as I noticed the values are between -40 +40 but the extremes are very rare.
Also I noticed that real good form means over +15 and really bad under -15

Of course there will be attention and to see many other info before make your decison

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