Filter application in Rating S

If you have a suggestion how to improve please let me know. If more users will ask for the feature I will have no choice but to implement it.
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Filter application in Rating S

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Hi Mihai!

I would like to make a suggestion to use the filters in an easier, time saving way.

Now, to manage the filters we have to open an extra menu, activate and deactivate the filters we want to use/not to use.
But with many activated filters, its gonna be a little bit confusing, at least for me. Especially if you have filters for the same outcoming (1, x, 2 or O, U)

I guess it would be easier to create a drop down menu on the main Rating S menu, where its possible to select all the filters we created (maybe we dont need to activate/deactivate them anymore, we can just create filters and then using the drop down menu in the main section). Each individual or all together.
To distinguish the filter, every user could just give a name (in the manage my filters section) for them and then select/deselect in the main Rating S menu.

Are there any opinions!

Cheers and happy betting. :D
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